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Demonstrations in Jordan

Published on 14 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Thousands of Jordanians took to the streets of Amman and elsewhere on Tuesday night to protest fuel price rises.
Demonstrators chanted against ruling King Abdallah II and the royal family, calling or the "downfall of the regime." Jordan is a major ally of the US and Israel in the region, and the ruling monarch has been watching nervously the developments of the Arab Spring in the region and the possibilty of the domino effect spilling over his country. [Source: Al-ahram online].

Protests in Jordan
The newly appointed Jordanian prime minister Abdullah al-Nsoor has took a decision to rise the prices of fuel another time again making it 30% more expensive than few years ago.
According to many political analysts, Jordan is liable to engage the "Arab Uprisings", for many objective reasons.
Muslim brotherhood movement is popular in Jordan and it works hardly to escalate demonstrations under the pretext of refusing the new "Electoral Law", and the governmental procedures by rising fuel price to reduce the kingdom's governmental budget, despite the Muslim brotherhood's government in Egypt had done the same procedures to reduce the general budget of Egypt.
The Islamic Working Front (IWF), Which is the Muslim brotherhood branch in Jordan is well-organized movement and also pragmatic like other branches in the Islamic world. However, The Jordanian citizen became so "anxious" and angry due to the accelerated costs of living there.
Jordan is considered one of poorly natural resources in the region and faces serious strategic challenges in both the foreseeable and far future since no adequate water resources nor Petroleum.
Furthermore, The Jordanian People are also refuse the peace agreement between their country and Israel and They generally reject normalization with Israel unlike the formal regime.