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Palestine, Syria and The three camps

Published on 18 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.
The Syrian civil war and the Israeli war on Gaza clearly led the intellectuals to stand in three positions.
Classically, There were two distinguishable and adversary "intellectual camps", in which one of them theorized and professed the necessity of Arab countries for independency and the Liberation of Palestine. While the other camp of intellectuals totally theorize for dependency to the Imperialism  under variant pretexts such as Rationality, Nationalism or Living in peace despite aggressive enemies surround the Arab countries, particularly Israel.
These two camps are also characterized by being trans-boundary extending throughout the World like in Latin America and as we speak on the Arab world, they also extend from Casablanca in Morocco to Muscat in Oman.

The third "Camp of intellectuals" is the intellectual who posses paradoxical and adversary opinions and they clearly appeared during the Syrian crisis which gained many names   such as "The Syrian revolution", "The Syrian Uprising", "The Syrian Crisis" or "The Syrian civil war"  . 
This camp resembles Don Quixote Character --in the famous Spanish novel --who fights windmills for empty aims and victories.

This third Camp of intellectuals Praises the resistance and Liberation of Palestine, at the same time they do nothing except blaming, criticizing and also engage verbal attacks against the first and second (Moderation and Resistance) camps respectively.
Abdelbari Atwan,  Palestinian-born and British Journalist, the editor-in-chief of  London-based newspaper is well known by continuous criticizing the second camp aka "axis of moderation"for their betrayal toward Palestine, Meanwhile he describes Hezbollah Secretary General  Who stands alongside with the Palestinian resistance  as "Shiite leader", and even more than that, Al-Quds Al-Arabi which  is edited by Abdelbari Atwan  had embedded  Hassan Nasrallah photo within an Article talking about  "Shiite" Bahraini opposition.
I knew the first and second intellectual camps since I were in the alimentary school, but the third camp is new  one for me.

Recently, The third camp has tried to divide the Palestinian people into groups,  according to their sight, The people of West bank has betrayed their brothers and sisters in Gaza Strip and  they describe us to be waiting for the monthly Salary here in the West bank, but Do they Know that We did not receive our Salaries this month (November)?
Do they Know that Israel captured hundreds of us in  the last 5 days?
I am a doctor who got  USD 200  since Nov. 1, 2012 till now (Nov. 18. 2012)  and I am sure that would not happen in Somalia.
Do they know that some Arab and Western governments are blackmailing us by the basic requirements of daily life?
The Palestinian Authority (P.A.) is one of  the formal Arab regimes and we should criticize and struggle all the time to face the occupation, Spies and its instruments and at the same time we are under colonial military occupation.
The real problem, those Who criticize and give us  "theoretical" lessons of revolutions are fake and seek for fame under bright statements, this is so clear by being so paradoxical and even antagonized. One of them wrote poem for Hezbollah drone (Ayyoub) which flew  over Israel, while they are denying the fact that the Syrian regime  is the "CORE" supporter of both the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance wings. 
Although The Syrian regime is totalitarian and dictatorial regime, it is one of two regimes supplying the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance by Arms including locally-modified rockets.
According to the UN, The Palestinian people are considered to be one of the most educated and cultured People in the Arab World and we can distinguish very well between the fact and fiction and between the "fake statements" and "true statements".