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The US administration, Iran and Israel

Published on 13 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Iran intends to hold military exercises include testing an air defense system "Mersad" and according to General Ferzad Ismaili, Chief of the Iranian air defense Headquarter, The system is capable of locking of flying object at a distance of 80 kilometers and can hit from 45 kilometers away. [Source: AP].

Mersad Air-defense System
The US Administration has announced that direct bilateral negotiations will be held with the Iranian side, however, the Iranians did not officially respond yet — through Media at least— .
The Pentagon officials stated that Iran fired at

 American drone in the Gulf .Nevertheless, no damage affected the drone.
 Iran had suddenly suspended 20-percent uranium enrichment from the beginning of this month (November), however, the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Natenyahu threatens Iran all the time to destroy its Nuclear locations.
In my opinion, each side makes effort to prove power and send messages to the other. Thus, On one hand,  Iran is conducting maneuvers once after another and exhibits New Military Systems. On the other hand Iran shows readiness to engage direct bilateral negotiations and pause enriching Uranium in order to confirm itself as a "powerful side".
I think Benjamin Natenyahu uses the case of the Iranian nuclear project for INTERNAL interests (i.e, Utilizing that for purely electoral reasons), other than "threatening" the Israeli "National" Security. That  does not necessary mean that Israel neglect the outsiders enemies, on the contrary, Israel is so concerned toward Hezbollah and Iran.
The US administration strategy is also clear toward Iran, by which applying severe international sanctions on Iran that affects the Economic structure, alongside with Israel and the Arabian rulers in the Gulf as long as the military intervention is "not available" yet.
The Arabian rulers in the Gulf  constantly complains of the Iranian ambition in the region, but the only Strategy they adopt is the complete loyalty for the US administration, and even more than that, they urge the US to attack Iran.
Iranians are good "chess players" and the US "Think-tanks" realize that, but the Israeli Cabinet may commit folly by attacking Iran and implicate the US with that. That would be the worst Scenario.