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Stable Position

Published on 13 April 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Local Editor
I was against NATO intervention in Libya and the same for the Syrian crisis.
No matter who would be the winner, either the Syrian regime or the rebels, I will stay against NATO intervention elsewhere in the World.

High moral values are being used by the US, UK and France governments as single-edge sword against weak nations.
When NATO invaded Afghanistan, they did so on behalf of civilized nations to get rid of international terrorists, however, none of NATO governments (including Turkish as dominated Muslim nation) gave attention to innocent civilians who are being killed by drones.

When they invaded Iraq, they illegally get rid of single dictator to proliferate sectarian Junta and divided a united country into Multiple Ethno-sectarian pantostans, and most importantly millions of Iraqis have been killed either by direct foreign fire or starvation or due to the effect of depleted Uranium.

Ironically, The oil-rich dynasties miss Saddam Hussein for political reasons covered by sectarian agendas. The History is clear here: Inspite of the long Iranian-Iraqi war, the Iranian regime did not allow the British-American Forces to invade Iraq, meanwhile, the British-American forces were launched from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain.