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Published on 21 December 2012, by M. Tomazy.
By Mohammad Tomazy
A Tunisian citizen explains why  he decided to fight in Syria with the Syrian rebels, and why he left Syria and returned back to Tunisia.

A new report by the Tunisian official TV station “National TV 1” about a 29-yer old guy who travelled to Syria in order to join the “jihad” against the secular Syrian leadership. This new report by the Tunisian TV station is not very long but the information is, at least, not only interesting but also important.

It is worth mentioning that the Tunisian government is a strong supporter for the Syrian exiled opposition and its adopted militias in Syria, in addition Tunisia hosted the first "Friends of Syrian people" conference which is mainly formed by the Imperialistic governments (which invaded Iraq and Afghanistan), alongside with the tribal Arabian ruling families of the Arab monarchies such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Another important international sign, Most of the raising countries in the World  (which forms more than the half of the world's population and progressive industrialized states ) have refused to participate in what-so-called "Friends of the Syrian people" conference, such as: Brazil, China, India, South Africa, Venezuela and Russia.
Here is another video for David Duke, explains the motives behind the war in Syria and the role of Zionists as well-organized pressure groups (lobbies) in the west.

In my opinion, Arab uprisings launched in the context of struggle against long-term tyranny, regimes' totality, corruption, Junta governments and rejection the tribal ambitions by ruling some supposed Arab Republics such as in cases of Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen, by which the rulers were preparing their descendents to govern 'Republic state', whereas Syria had already been ruled by the son of deceased president.

Meanwhile, some western governments tamed the newly elected and  pragmatic  Islamic parties such as Muslim brotherhood of Egypt, Annahda of Tunisia, Justice and Development (Muslim Brotherhood) of Morocco, in order to achieve their geopolitical schemes in the region.