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Why does Iran support the Syrian leadership?

Published on 18 January 2013, by M. Tomazy.
By Local Editor
The Syrian leadership's alliance with Iran is portrayed as Shiite alliance through all of the Main Stream Media (MSM), such as CNN, Fox News, Sky News --which I personally observed) as well as the local Gulf Media (particularly Aljazeera and AlArabiyya Channels).

The Alawites --which the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad belongs to them -- have religious dispute with both Sunni and Shiite doctrines, furthermore, Many Shiite clerics issued 'Fatwa' by which consider the Alawites as Non-Shiite Non-Muslim doctrine.
Ibn Taymiah, historic cleric -- whom the Wahhabis considered him the teacher and trusted source of knowledge-- named the Alwites by 'Nusairis' and also issued 'Fatwa' that considers them Non-Sunni Non-Muslim doctrine.

The Shiite Clerics did not recognize the Alawites as muslims -- as mentioned before-- till an Alliance had been held between the famous Shiite Cleric and the ex-head of Lebanese Amal movement, Mousa Al-Sader and the deceased Syrian president Hafez al-Asad, then Mousa Al-Sader was the first one to issue a Fatwa recognizing the Alawites to be Muslims.

Iran also supports Non-Shiite Anti-Israeli organizations, such as Hamas and Palestine's Islamic Jihad, although they convert the Sunni doctrine.

The local Media shows the Syrian-Iranian alliance as 'Sectarian Alliance' in order to irritate the Sunni majority in both Arab and Muslim regions against Iran and the Syrian leadership as well as to justify the NATO-GCC (Alliance between the NATO and Arabian Gulf dynasties) intervention in Syria.

Either one like or dislike the fact which is the Iranians are smart  and they understand the Geopolitical challenges in the Arab World preserving one of their principles which is being Anti-Zionist country and government, and this explains their support to non-Shiite Anti-Zionist organizations.

In fact, the alliance between the Syrian leadership and Iran is Political and it is not Sectarian nor religious alliance, in addition, the deceased Syrian president Hafez al-Assad --the father of Bashar -- carried out a coup against an Alawite-born president Salah Jadeed and sentenced him life imprisonment.