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Opinion: The Case of Azmi Bishara

Published on 07 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Local Editor
Azmi Bishara,The Palestinian intellectual was Professor at the famous Palestinian Birzeit University.
He was also pro-Assad family and the only Israeli accusing against him was --literally-- "Contacting with the Enemy" which means "Contacting  with the Syrian regime.

Bishara, the former Member of Knesset (MK) was one of the voices for the Arab Palestinians '48.

Regardless to Aljazeera  footage which showed the intellectual receiving the channel red lines (i.e, The presenter asked him to avoid talking about al-Saud dynasy because the relationship had becom better with Qatar's al-Thani dynasty at the beginning of 2011).

I asked myself, What could bring Azmi Bishara (the Arab Nationalist) to al-Thani dynasty?

Neutrally, I believe It is all about the FAME.

Palestine and the Levant had become narrow land  for him. He needed Aljazeera Channel to introduce himself as (An Arab intellectual) as well as money to moderate Doha's Arab Center (al-Markez al-Arabi).

My point is, he is ready to sell his principles for fame.