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Sensitive Issues!

Published on 09 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Regarding to the Arab World, I have noticed that:
It is very difficult to criticize and/or express the opinion on 'sensitive issues' such as, to criticize clerics, social habits, and traditions.
I have engaged many discussions with many Palestinian doctors regarding to the various Arab issues, but they considered me "Heretic" because it is 'not acceptable' to criticize cleric or the position of group of people such as "sect"; for example: the Sunni sect generally elect al-Saud puppet, Sa'ad al-Hariri in Lebanon who stands against the pro-Palestine 'shiite' Hezbollah.

Furthermore, Most of pro-Israel clerics are sunnis, this observation is totally materialistic and ِAbstract.

The Same for the Durzi minority in Palestine, the Palestinian Durzis are the only sect who holds an Alliance with the Israeli occupation forces and they engage the Conscription with the Israeli occupation Army, Unlike the Syrian Durzis who refused the Israeli Nationality and preserved the Syrian one.

No one want to talk about sensitive issues in Scientific way.

The only personnel whom most people accept to talk on those 'sensitive issues' are Clerics who usually 'Stigmatize' the other sects.