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The enegma of Lenin's death

Published on 13 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.
V. Lernera , Y. Finkelstein and E. Witztum are three Israeli Neurologists at Ben-Gurion University, they prepared a reliable paper which was published through the European Journal of Neurology, 2004.
The Last year of Lenin's life (EFNS)
The paper (The enegma of Lenin's malady) suggests that Vladimir Lenin (53years) was died due to Syphilis (Neurosyphilis) which caused the three strokes.
They supported the thesis by Lenin's medical record, Autopsy report and testimony of famous Soviet and European doctors who treated Lenin.
Professor Max Nonne,  German Syphilis specialist also treated Lenin.
Th paper assumes that the former USSR hided Lenin's real illness to avoid Stigma of the Venereal diseases, especially for the leader of the Bolshevik revolution.