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Khalid Mesha'al and The double-faced speech

Published on 17 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Hamas would be open in principle to negotiations with Israel, Meshaal affirmed, though the reality on the ground today made such talks pointless. "The most important condition for negotiation to succeed is the balance of power, because without [it]... no peace can be achieved," he said. Attempting to engage the Israelis diplomatically without proper leverage, he argued, meant negotiations "would be turned to begging, begging for the rights of our people."

Source: Foreign Policy-,1

Apparently, Mesha'al has double-faced speech one is oriented for Hamas supporters and the other is oriented toward the west. Hamas's leadership is walking on the footsteps of Fatah's leadership during 1970s.
I believe that No one can be Qatar's Emir ally and Anti-imperialistic. Hamas leadership believes that they can maintain financial support from the Qatari dynasty, at the same time, preserve Sunni-tinged movement by supporting 'Sunni rights' in the Arab World and resist Israel. However, pragmatism and flexibility will not maintain the mentioned three strategies simultaneously.