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On Hamas and Syria

Published on 17 June 2013, by M. Tomazy.
 Local Editor
I have explained Hamas position from the Syrian crisis and consequent effect on Hamas-Hezbollah relation since 2011.
Tonight, I watched an interview on Al-Jazeera Arabic. One of participants is member of Hamas, he was talking from Gaza and the other is pro-Hezbollah Lebanese writer, and he was talking from Beirut.

Member of Hamas is Mustafa al-Sawwaf (he is also editor-in-chief of Hamas's mouthpiece, Al-Risalah Newspaper). He said: "Hezbollah is participating in Killing Sunni Muslims". This sentence summarizes Hamas's religious opinion about Syrian regime and Hezbollah. So Hamas no longer considers the Syrian crisis as political issue, on the contrary, they consider it Sunni majority versus Shiite and Alawite minorities.

In the same context, Egypt's president announced 'Sunni Jihad' against Syrian regime.However, Hamas's position is pragmatic because they were allies to Hezbollah and Syrian regime from the period (1999-2011), and they suddenly realized that the Syrian regime is totalitarian one.

Hamas's motive: Hamas (as Sunni organization) believe that Shi'a and Alawites are not real  muslims, thus they wish that Syria to be ruled by Sunni leadership such as Egypt and Tunisia.

Hamas believes that the golden era of Muslim brotherhood has just begun by reaching the power in the Arab World and this will replace their previous obligatory  alliance with Iran, Hezbollah and Syria. Moreover, Hamas believes that new Islamic governments not only will support Hamas in Palestine, but also they are representing the true Islam according to their belief.

NB: This post is not solely predictions/analysis, but I depend on information by personal discussions.