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Palestinian singer and Palestinian cause

Published on 20 June 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Local Editor
Arab Idol is the Arabic Edition of American Idol TV show on Saudi satellite Channel (MBC).
The Palestinians deserve to have an entertainment window and pan-Arab pop-star, but reducing struggle into voting for young talented singer on a  TV show is a serious problem. PA managed campaign for voting to support Palestinian competitor. They failed to achieve any solid base in Palestin on  both industrial and economic levels, and most importantly, they failed to face Zionist colonization and Liberation of Palestine.

Nepotism and favoritism are two cornerstones for both West bank and Gaza Authorities.

In Palestine, Unemployment ratio is 27.5 percent, according to official statistics. Jordan valley is totally controlled by Israel, Gaza strip is under Israeli-Egyptian siege and there is no Industrial infrastructure in the occupied Palestine. Brain drain outside Palestine has been increased recently due to lack of appreciation and suitable salaries, also according to statistics.

In the middle of that catastrophes, Palestinian officials have time to invite their Ambassadors and citizens to vote for their singer!

In my opinion, the next Palestinian uprising will be trilogical uprising:

Next Trilogical Uprising:
I. Uprising against social injustice (against thieves and collaborators). This uprising will be the spark.
II. Uprising against Occupation.
III. Uprising against Fatah and Hamas division.