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Racism And Islamophobia Among Canadian Intellectuals

Published on 02 November 2014, by M. Tomazy.
I didn't expect such amount of racism and Islamophobia written by Canadian blogger (who I used to admire and regularly read his blog). The following paragraphs are quoted.

From CanSpeccy blog:
...To that end, a bit of intolerance may not be a bad thing if the alternative is disruption to our whole way of life. For example, perhaps we should simply outlaw Islam. After all, how many Canadians really want to live next door to a polygamous family of armed terrorists whose women dress in tents.
 That being the case, my argument for barring Muslims from immigrating to Canada and for banning the preaching of Islam in Canada stands. Not that I have anything personally against moderate Muslims in Canada some of whom I know personally and whom I regard as fine people. But Islam is not merely a religion is also a political system and the assumption that Western Muslims can be tamed to the point that their religion is as meaningless as Episcopalianism or Anglicanism is unwarranted.
Given the chance, Muslims will always turn aggressively political and seek to dominate the society in which they live. Anyone in Canada who doubts this should listen to Shahid Malik, Britain's Justice Minister in the government of Tony Blair.

Editor's comment:
The whole story (Canadian Parliament Hill Shooting) is criminal, albeit the convicted person is a Muslim. Not only the Canadian government is one of the most pro-Israel (for example, the Canadian government besides the American and Australian, is totally adopting Israel's stances in the UN and its international organizations like IAIA and UNESCO), but there are also racist and Islamophobic Canadian intellectuals.