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Why Must The Syrian Regime Be Overthrown?

Published on 26 November 2014, by M. Tomazy.
One of totalitarian Arab regimes, which transformed the country from Republic into de facto monarchy. Bashar al-Assad inherited the presidency chair from his deceased father in an officially-named republic state.

Furthermore, Syrian people have been prevented from political participation and from forming political opposition.

The Syrian regime is one of the ugly regimes in the middle east. Lucky Syrian opponents were seized in Jails after horrible physical and emotional torture. In Syria, the human dignity has been insulted in the worst manner since Hafez al-Assad seized the power in 1971.

Entire families were horrified due to political opposition, including sexual assaults (and raping) opponents' wives, sisters or daughters.
There are so many objective reasons for the Syrian people to revolt against the brutal regime. And time will not be in anti-clockwise direction, once and forever.
Western-Arab alliance is not the key for the liberation of Syrian people:
As history teaches us: time will not be in anti-clockwise direction, once and forever. So, the Syrian people decided to topple their longstanding junta in 2011, simulating the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings. The bloody Syrian regime faced them with  'Shabbiha' (which is a group of loyal militia). The aim was to end the uprising regardless of victims.
However, the Saudi regime exploited the Syrian uprising in order to topple Iran's closest ally (Syrian regime). Saudi FM Saud Al-Faysal immediately called for arming Syrian rebels. The pretext was to defend unarmed protesters against Shabbiha, but the Saudi regime is not known to promote human rights and democracy in the world!

The Western-Arab allies armed the following groups:
  • Free Syrian Army: defected Syrian soldiers who joined the opposition.
  • Smugglers.
  • Drug dealers.
  • ISIS and ISIS-like terrorists: Annusra Front, Jund Esham, Ahfad Al-Rasool and Islamic Front.