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Fatah-Hamas Dispute: Changing The Game Rules

Published on 09 December 2014, by M. Tomazy.
According to some reliable news reports, Hamas is trying to strengthen ties with its old enemy, Mohammad Dahlan. The later is one of Fatah's prominent leaders and he was fired out from Fatah movement after serious dispute with PA's president and the chief of Fatah movement Mahmoud Abbas.
It is not secret that Dahlan is strong ally to UAE's sheikhs and Egypt's junta leader, Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi. Hamas has been under multi-lateral pressure by Fatah, Egypt's junta, Israel and the Saudi-Egyptian axis (there are another two axises in the region: Iranian-Syria and Turkish-Qatari). Apparently, Hamas is trying to change the game's rule in order to break the siege over Gaza. But Dahlan is one of the corrupted Palestinian officials (by the way, there are so many corrupted officials who must be asked in front of the Palestinian people).
It is early for extra predictions, however, the stable thing is Palestinian people suffer wherever they are, but in different degrees. Gaza's situation is the worst where ordinary people live homeless after the Israeli war destroyed their homes. Other than Syria's Palestinian refugees who became the Shark's favorite meal during their illegal migration to Europe via Mediterranean.