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Published on 26 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.

By Falastin,

A horrific massacre into the dim night
Buried underneath the feet
Of a magisterial domineer
Standing bloodthirsty and proud
With a flag into his guilty hands
On his face printed a hideous grin
It was a gala for him
Angels’ faces without coronas
Eaten by the hungry fire
Which had been started and fed by our own desires
A cosmic chandelier is what the universe needs
In order to kill the denial
Lightning up our minds
Ending the funerals
Fighting into the battle
Against the real dictator
Who hides behind the world peace billboard
Now instead of feeding the beast
We should water the fields
So we can recover the blossom
The Jerusalem’s jasmine
And pray side by side
Begging God
To retrieve the stolen diamond
The land of Palestine
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