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Obama and Palestine

Published on 22 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.
As an observer, I did not notice attention regarding Obama's visit to Palestine on the popular level, on the contrary, the Palestinian people do not count on the American role to support their rights.

The Western countries are indirectly ruled by corporations and lobbies, therefore the American president can  not achieve change on the foreign policy except for the speech.
One can notice the architecture of the American foreign policy through the Congress.
Both democratic and Republic parties are supported by the Zionist lobby, and they are not ready to lose their next Congress seats for the Arabs as long as the Arabian oil flows smoothly toward the US and the Western countries in general.
I really wonder when Arabs blame the US bias toward Israel, meanwhile, most of Arab governments are strong proxies for the US administration.
The US policy is based on pragmatism and interests. When the US administration realized the inevitable topple of Mubarak's regime, the Americans asked their loyal Mubarak to subside.

The News corporations maintain justifications of the governments' behaviors.
France is fighting al-Qaeda in Mali, whereas supporting al-Qaeda elements in Syria, mean time, few media are discussing the French paradox.
I believe that the NATO-GCC governments intended to make the Arabs busy with superficial issues in form of sectarian disputes to utilize that against the Iranians, and covering that with brilliant cortex  "the rights of Arab people", meanwhile, the huge local media are owned by Autocratic regimes claim to support the rights of Syrian people.

The US administration will not stand with the Arab rights, on the contrary, the Arab countries have become more fragile and liable for another ethnic, sectarian, religious and ideological divisions.

Fatah-Hamas dichotomy will continue on the foreseeable future.
Non-war non-peace status between that Palestinians and Israelis will continue since the atmosphere will not assist the Palestinians because the Arab governments are either busy with internal issues or actively engage the NATO-GCC Alliance which indeed supports Israel.

There is hope:
Arab awakenings in Egypt and Tunisia are promising and the most important value is destroying the idea of dictator in these two Arab states.
Although Egypt and Tunisia are currently ruled by pragmatic Muslim brothers, The two societies have become more politically and socially opened with raising critics and civil societies.