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Hamas reached Street Junction

Published on 01 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.
by Local Editor
Qatar's foreign minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim led the Arab-side during Arab regimes-US administration meeting.
The Arab regimes offered another renunciation for the Israeli side by endorsing 'Land Exchange' between the Palestinians and Israelis.
On the other hand, Hamas issued an official statement rejecting Arab regimes' offer since that threatens the Palestinian cause which is a comprehensive issue including the right of return  and restitution for the Palestinian refugees, Establishing the Palestinian state on '67 borders (Both Fateh and Hamas agreed indirectly on this) as well as restoring some of the Palestinian Water resources and demolish 'illegal' Israeli settlements.These mentioned issues are the agreed  baseline between all Palestinian factions.

Hamas has reached critical and important decision by either running within the pro-Western Qatari Orbit or returning to the previous alliance with Iran

Hamas is one of the resistance movements in the Arab World, nevertheless, In-exile leaders have been moved to Doha, the Qatari capital amid the Syrian crisis, so the movement faces dilemma because the Qatari dynasty is pro-Western and holds excellent diplomatic and economic relationship with Israel which Hamas strongly fights.

Hamas is pragmatic movement and has not completely cut the relationship with Iran and I believe one of the following Scenarios will occur:

The first, Hamas will silently leave Doha and gradually restore the old strong ties with Iran.

The second, If Hamas continues Doha's Stay, the movement will be 'fractured' between the Hawk wing (Gaza and West bank) and Dove wing (In-exile leaders).

The third, Hamas might be 'tamed' by Muslim brotherhood and the Qatari dynasty to follow Fatah doctrine by quitting armed resistance to join negotiations with the Israelis, this would be the worst scenario because Fateh-Hamas dispute will be transformed into Conflict based on Authority portfolios.