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I Disbelieve Them

Published on 09 November 2014, by M. Tomazy.

I've never participated in what they call 'national celebrity' and I won't ever. Liars who wear suits and ties ( which became a symbol for hypocrisy and respected liars). Not only I look to the scene from the social-class view, but I also totally refuse hypocrisy and interests.
Some people may misunderstand me by thinking the whole matter is about social class. For me, it's very easy to engage these corrupted people, with some skills like complements and suit with tie as well, but what would I say then?. I don't find myself there any way.
However, pure and simple people are alway exist everywhere. I salute them by the way.
Again, so no one misunderstands me, I have elegant car and fair monthly income as well as top career. But I believe there are thieves and liars who speak about patriotism, public affairs and most importantly they actually exploit high morals for personal profit. Their families can easily move from London to Paris holding diplomatic passport.
I believe we should not involve their dirty work to stay independent and brave (as possible as we can). I aso know that the problem is chronic and widely spread.
Corruption is like addiction. It starts small and joyful, but ends as tyranny and deep self-disregard, other than people's hatred.