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Iran Supplies Hezbollah With New Ballistic Rocket

Published on 22 November 2014, by M. Tomazy.
Iran supplied Hezbollah with advanced ballistic rocket from the model (Fateh), according to the Iranian news agency (Fars). Preparations are being made to provide Hamas and Islamic Jihad with (Fateh) ballistic missile, according to the Iranian agency.
Fateh ballistic rocket (
Deputy Commander of the Iranian aerospace forces Sayyed Majid Mousavi said the rocket's capability allows to hit all targets throughout the Palestinian occupied territories. He stressed that the Lebanese resistance has (Fateh) and can launch missiles at any time.

These rockets have a range between 250 kilometers and 300 kilometers and carrying explosive materials weighing five hundred kilograms. And the generation (Fateh) includes a number of rockets which travel at 1.5 kilometers per second.
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