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Professor Juan Cole - Exposed

Published on 19 February 2015, by M. Tomazy.
Professor Juan Cole
Juan Cole is Professor of History at University of Michigan. I think he is one of well-knowledgeable Western professors on the Arab and middle eastern affairs. Nevertheless, knowledge does not determine the scientist's moral stances. For example, persons who develop biological and nuclear weapons are essentially scientists but there is a debate on their moral stances, because weapons of massive destruction are blind and do not select the targeted enemy in certain population.

I should emphasize that I have nothing to do with Professor Cole's personal affairs, but I want to expose his stances as an intellectual and scientist. Moreover, I have published two articles from his website (Informed comments).

As I followed professor Cole in Twitter, I have noticed that he retweeted a pro-GCC propaganda criticizing Hezbollah and Iran. However, he never (during the period I followed him) mentioned the Qatari role in supporting fundamental groups in the Arab world. More specifically, ISIS ideology (i.e., Wahhabism) is the same of the Qatari dynasty, and he, undoubtedly, knows they support al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria, Libya and Iraq. General Dempsey admitted the role of US Arab allies in supporting terrorists in Syria.

Professor Juan Cole promoting Doha-based institute via twitter

Why does professor of History at University of Michigan invite his followers to join Qatar-funded institute?

An apologist: Qatar reforms?

He titled a post in his "informed comments" as: "Under World Cup Pressure, Qatar reforms Guest Worker Laws, abolishes Sponsorship System" and continued to say: "Qatar, host of the 2022 football World Cup, said Wednesday it will abolish its controversial sponsorship system for foreign workers, whose treatment in the energy-rich state has stirred mounting international criticism. FIFA chief Sepp Blatter described…"

But the fact is horrific. Qatar has a black file regarding the workers' rights which reaches slavery, according the international organizations. So why he used a very soft and criticism-free language when the topic refers to the Qatari ruling dynasty?
Moreover, he posted: "Qatar is the Red Prince of the Middle East. Despite being fabulously wealthy because of its natural gas exports, its foreign policy has been populist...". populist??

Twitter again

The result was: he blocked me. But why?
By the way, my response was spontaneous with no pre-existing stances toward him. In contrast, I was one of his fans.

Unfortunately, this person who introduces himself as "Public intellectual: Global affairs, Environment, Human Rights, Progressive Politics, Poetry & Literature, Pop Culture, Spirituality", is defending one of the autocratic and totalitarian monarchy in which the dynasty spending the national wealth to support this or that militia in Syria and Libya.

He has the right to respond any way.