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The World, ISIS and The Oppressed Palestinians

Published on 10 February 2015, by M. Tomazy.
Because the world is now ruled by injustice, the story of the Palestinian child Mohammad Abu Khdeir who was burnt alive did not go viral in the main stream media.

The story is not fresh, but the unjustified brutal burning of the Jordanian pilot, and its world wide coverage reminded me with the story of Mohammad Abu Khdeir.

It is documented now that the human brain depends on comparison to distinguish between various scenes, and this is the cornerstone of the visual illusion.

The main stream media focused on the burning of the Jordanian pilot, not because of humanity, or because the pilot is an Arab Muslim, or because the event was shocking. The concealed reason is because the Western alliance against ISIS and its Arab allies need a further solid justification to intervene in the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts.

I will give a clear proof in this regard, which is:
The U.S. government and its European allies can block ISIS's websites and their social media accounts. It is not difficult for Spying agencies to establish ( I'm sure they already have) algorithmic software to classify suspected websites related to ISIS. However, they need two things:
Firstly, to track al-Qaeda related materials.
Secondly, to allow al-Qaeda cyber-propaganda which terrifies people. All that to create a solid justification for interventions.

Here is another example based on comparison too, why do the U.S. government and its European allies able to apply sanctions against Iran and Cuba, but they couldn't prevent oil trafficking by ISIS?

"Mohammed Abu Khdeir was found burned to death  after disappearing on 2 July. Forensic analysis of his remains suggested he was still alive when he was set alight.

Israeli public attention to the 16-year-old’s murder has been diverted by the Israel-Gaza fighting that has so far killed more than 170 Palestinians, but it remains an explosive issue for Palestinians."

"At least 151 Palestinian children are currently being held as "security prisoners" in Israeli jails, Palestinian legal monitor Military Court Watch said in a statement on Tuesday.

The group said that 47 percent of those are being held inside Israel in violation of the Geneva Conventions, which prevents the transfer of detainees outside of occupied territory as it limits their families' and lawyers' abilities to visit.

The numbers highlight the continuing hardships facing Palestinian children in Israeli jails, who comprise the most vulnerable group of the 5,528 Palestinians being held in Israeli jails in total."