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Israeli forces killed her 40-year-old teenager

Published on 25 March 2016, by M. Tomazy.
Twenty years ago, Mrs. Elayyan finished her second decade duration of infertility. She and her husband had finally decided to undergo the relatively new assisted reproductive technique at that time in Palestine.

Nine months later, their parental longing and patience were  cooled when they heard the high-pitched crying of their son, who was named 'Mahmoud'.

Mrs. Elayyan and her husband --who had been diagnosed as infertile couple for  20 years duration—were obsessed about their new son  and they managed to offer him the best education they can.
Mr.  Elayyan passed away leaving Mahmoud to be raised by his mother.

At the age of 18, Mahmoud  joined faculty of Nursing upon his desire. Two years after his enrollment, he was shot  in his head by Israeli forces while he was participating in a demonstration in Ramallah.
Mahmoud the nurse
Mahmoud the protester
Eventually, Mahmoud died in November 19 2015 due to brain injury.

Mahmoud the martyr
I am thinking how many times does his mother open his closet to smell his clothes?