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The impunity of the Wealth

Published on 30 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Qatar, the small monarchy is frequently mentioned during the recent years as a major effective country in the Arab World.
Actually, Most of the major western media mean to mislead the citizens, particularly when they mention the role of  "Qatar" as State because the Qatari regime is an Autocratic Sheikhdom lack of any democratic practices such as: Parliament, Elections etc..
Arab Protesters burn Emir's Photo
Ruler of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani and his cousin, Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani who occupies two  positions: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister. Both of them have played a major role in the overthrow of the former Libyan regime and the current Syrian regime in addition to supporting the Islamic parties in Egypt and Tunisia. 
Colum Lynch wrote an accepted piece in the Washington Post about the role of the Qatari Sheikh in supporting the Extremist Islamist Militias.
The current Emir of Qatar had led a bloodless coup against his father Khalifa al-Thani in 1995. He always defends his suspicious behaviors toward the Arab countries by supporting the right of Arabs to live with dignity and liberty. Meanwhile, he could not hear Qatari Poet named Mohammad bin Theeb al-Ajmi who wrote about the Arab uprisings.

I have translated this piece from Assafir Newspaper:
A Qatari court  sentenced to life imprisonment on the Qatari poet Mohammad Ben Theeb Ajmi, yesterday, after being convicted on charges of "insulting Prince" and "incitement to overthrow the country's ruling system", this accusation carries  "Death penalty".
The lawyer  Najib al-Naimi said his client received this provision, after he composed a poem inspired sense of 'Arab Spring'. Naimi disclosed that he is in the process of appeal from this verdict, which was issued behind closed doors, where lawyers and HRDs were  not allowed to attend the trial. The poet was not allowed to self-defense, and he was prevented from receiving family visits over the past year, during which time he spent in prison.
This raised the judgment storm of condemnations by human rights organizations, that have already been called repeatedly for the release of the poet, as indicated both «Amnesty International» and «Human Rights Watch» that the same regime which "supports" uprisings in the Arab countries, and raised the banner of defense of freedom, contrary to this shocking provision .
Ajmi was jailed in November 2011, after the spreading of video clip by him, tells the story of « Tunisian Jasmine», through a poem and  praises the popular mobility which "printed" the uprisings «Arab Spring», and stated in the poem a few verses, which he considered the country in the context of incitement : «We all Tunisia, in the face of repressive elite, one voice and one for the fate of one», and «They are all, without exception... thieves... the Arab governments and governers», while he meant the regime in Doha, verses stating «He think the glory comes by the U.S. forces!. Aaaahh country which is being ruled by ignorant ruler», and «..So, why not  to import  law and freedom? As long as he imports all his "things" from the West ».