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Three Israeli settlers are missed

Published on 14 June 2014, by M. Tomazy.
A continuous search has begun since three Israeli settlers were missed in Gosh Atzion, North Hebron in West Bank.
Israeli forces raided Hebron and surrounding villages hoping to find evidence. In the same context, several Palestinians were arrested.
According to local news sites, Kerry and Israeli PM phoned PA's president Abbas to discuss 'current updates', nevertheless,  Israeli officials blamed PA's new unity goverment for the missing settlers, despite security coordination in between.
Al-Qaeda affiliated website claimed responsibility, however, it might be no more than fake indorsement since al-Qaeda groups, so far, have no activities in the West Bank.
Palestinian prisoners carry out a hungerstrike for months, meantime, Israeli cabinet suggested two laws; one to force hungerstrikers on feeding. The other to prevent prisoners' exchange between Israel and Arabs in future.
Apparently,  unknown --till now--Palestinian faction is trying to exchange Palestinian prisoners with Israelis.
Israel is blaming:
Israeli officials are blaming 'all around'; they started to blame president Abbas and his unity government, thereafter they suggested Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement and Haman, finally,  they are suggesting al-Qaeda - linked group to be responsible.
Courageous and well-planned operation
If the missing Israeli settlers are hostages by now, a courageous and well-planned operation must be occurred in Gosh Atzion.
For people who know the West Bank, they realize how hard it is to hijack, attack or even bypass Israeli security procedures.
Checkpoints, Street's cameras, Apartheid wall and Army towers are distributed all over the West Bank, additionally, a 60-years-old occupation has created teams of local spies to assesst Israeli internal intelligence (Shabak).