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Is 'Divine Justice' A Myth?

Published on 19 June 2014, by M. Tomazy.
I supposed to return to Hebron, few days ago, but Israeli forces prevent Hebron residents from moving outside the governate. I didn't change my address (Hebron), although I currently work out side the district. Meanwhile, I'm allowed to enter Hebron governate, but for one direction (no exit).
I call my parents daily, they told me that Israeli forces raided the neighborhood and destroyed a house belonged to my classmate (Mohammad Farajallah).
Furthermore, hundreds were arrested around the West Bank.
Personally, memmory is still fresh and full of tougher events regarding of almost a century of occupation; some are hearable and readable, while others are experienced.
No such strange thing when one knows that an entity has been established on destroying other country demographically, geographically and histrocally; In the middle of this true horrific fact, one is ready to deal and face tyrrany.
Where is god?  A logic question.
In Syria, children are killed by both sides of conflict. Why? , but heaven and the other life are not convincing me.
In Iraq, Iraqi people ruled by tyrant, then occupied by foreign forces and finally, a bloody sectarian-ethnic conflict arises. Why?, but heaven and the otger life are not convincing me.
Palestine, Ethnic cleansing against Palestinians and firing them, to be substituted by others since 1948. Why?, but heaven and other life are not convincing me.
The question is deep and not depressive, however, what's going on? I really do not understand yet. I promise to answer when I will know (or being convinced with) the answer.