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Exclusive | Who is 'Syrian Girl'?

Published on 04 September 2014, by M. Tomazy.
Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, a pro-Assad female activist appeared under the name of (Syrian partisan girl)  defending what she called conspiracy against her homeland, and she occupied the anti-war websites and blogs.
Syrian partisan girl
She appeared in a debate on Australian TV ('Insight' program) as well as Iran-affiliated Press TV under the name "Mimi al-Laham", and triggered anger of Syrian opponents as well as other non-Syrians who called western intervention in Syria. Moreover, Mimi al-Laham or Syrian partisan girl runs a blog and fluently speaks English and Arabic.
She has about 18,000 followers on twitter, and about 9,500 likes on facebook pages and she has also YouTube channel.

As mentioned before, Assad's opponents criticized her sharply:
Alex Jones loves her. YouTubers drool over her physical beauty. But there's also a faction who call her a misinformation agent, a mouthpiece for Assad and a government spy. So who is Syrian Girl?
As a burgeoning political and social media figure she has garnered nearly 1 million views on YouTube alone. Not to mention almost 11,000 followers on Faceook and about half that many on Twitter. Aside from her husky and deliberately labored speech, flavored with both Syrian and English (think England) affects, she is an ardent supporter of Syrian nationalism. That is, being no supporter of most existing world governments, a desire for Syria to remain autonomous from international influence.

... A self-described member of the former bourgeois ruling-class that was deposed from power during the Bathist coup, she would like to run Syria herself one day. Her grandfather was in government and she believes that the only path for Syrian sovereignty is through diplomatic reform, believing that her country will become another Afghanistan if left to the desire of outside forces (NATO, Israel and the United States). A fact that has not evaded one of Syria's staunch enemies in Israel. Outside of the media attention her personal life is a mystery. She is believed to be residing in Australia with her father.
During rally in Sydney

In fact, Syrian partisan girl or Mimi al-Laham is Maram Susli, a Syrian-origin Australian, studied (Quantum Crystallography) and she holds 'MsC degree' from University of Western Australia, Perth (*).
(*) Correction, She studied at UWA, Perth instead of Aarhus University.