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Why do I become a pro-Assad activist?

Published on 21 August 2015, by M. Tomazy.
Arab uprisings started as the natural fate of longstanding totalitarianism, corruption and lack of social justice.
The economic situation played a major role to evoke the spontaneous and unexpected popular demonstrations in central squares. 
At the beginning, Tunisia witnessed massive demonstrations ended by throwing the dictator, but the spark was a successful suicide attempt by surfed vegetable seller who was insulted by the municipal police. Contagiously, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen followed Tunisia respectively.

Where to be and why?
Modern capital regimes blame Stalin for killing 50 million Soviets, but they did not mention his role in preserving the Soviet Union united. 
Russia is now the largest country in the world by landmass (about 11% of world's area), although the country is quite various regarding to religion, ethnicity and culture.

Moreover, Stalin's Russia played a major role to defeat the Nazi army, due to Soviet tough resistance and Russia's climate as well.
Democracy is not always the magic solution for nations, especially those who face immediate foreign aggression.

The case of Iraq
The Anglo-American invasion toppled Iraq's Saddam Hussien, but we now know that Iraq was a leading Arab state. No one spoke about the skillful Iraqi scientists who were so qualified in their fields. The socialist republic offered free basic and high education as well as state-funded scholarships.
Moreover, the secular regime prevented sectarian violence and maintained basic services like water supply, electricity and clean cities.
Current US-architected Iraqi regime is non-democratic, sectarian and corrupt. For example, the electricity runs for few hours daily in one of the hottest cities in the Arab world.
My point is not support dictators, but to oppose the much worse alternatives.

Syria again
A feeling of anger and sadness covered me last night, when I watched the Syrian rebels celebrating the successive Israeli airstrikes on the Syrian army. Then I wrote on twitter, If the pro-NATO rebels had an ounce of patriotism, they would defend their homeland.

In case the Syrian rebels seized the power in Syria, let's imagine the scenario in points:
  • Political and social stability will be just a wish and Al-Qaeda will kill non-Sunni as will as opponent Sunnis.
  • The Western-backed Syrian opposition has no true base on the ground, and the Libyan scenario will be repeated (i.e. unmerciful fight on the authority).
  • Syria will be just another Arab Zionist-controlled state. 
  • The Syrian victims will be doubled, if not tripled, since most of opposition forces are sectarian and non-organized.
  • The axis of resistance will be profoundly halted. Currently, it is the only axis which inhibits Israel's aspirations in the region.