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The Israeli assaults on Gaza and Syria

Published on 11 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Israel fires "Tamuz" missile onto Syria due to  stray mortar hit the Israeli occupation forces at Tel Hazaka in the occupied Syrian Golan.
Tamuz missile
There is no certain information about the source of the Mortar missile, either from the Syrian Army or the Militants, However, Israel considered the Syrian regime to be responsible for any escalation in the Northern borders between the occupied Palestine and Golan Heights.
Israel has bombed Gaza Strip since yesterday resulting 7 Martyrs and 40 wounded.
the Israeli Attack comes as usual by targeting the rural civilians around Gaza city. The Palestinian Resistance has replied by bombing a military vehicle with Cornet shell for the first time ever. Abu-Ali Mustafa, the Military wing of PFLP has adopted targeting that vehicle which resulted into 4 wounded Israeli soldiers, one of them in critical condition. Saraya Al-Quds, the Military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement also Shelled the neighboring Israeli towns.
Israel shelled Syria for the first time since October war 1973.
I think, from one hand, Israel is taking the advantage of the Civil war in Syria, and the "good" relations with the new Egyptian leadership  from the other. few days ago, the Egyptian Army launched a campaign to destroy the Tunnels between Gaza Strip and Egypt which considered the only way for imports/Exports due to the  comprehensive Siege applied on Gaza Strip.
The Israeli cabinet exploit contradictions in the Arab World, since the military situation is unstable in Syria and Hamas has left the Alliance with Iran and Syria, in addition, the "Sectarian Congestion" in the Arab World as a result of the  local religious and sectarian  propaganda funded by the Arab rulers of the Gulf, Furthermore, Muslim brotherhood has sent reassure messages to the Israeli cabinet, all that encourages Israel to commit more assaults against the Arab people.