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The intellectuals' crisis

Published on 10 December 2012, by M. Tomazy.
BY: Mohammad Tomazy, the Weblog editor :
The Arab intellectuals  are various, even mosaic. This phenomenon is healthy by itself since it enriches the culture and pushes for better future, however, when this variation originates from  'personal' or 'pre-paid' positions and criticisms, the normal result will be a chaos and hyper-polarization toward each group of 'intellectuals' with no defined compass.
Since the Greek philosophers' era, Any 'reliable' civilization ought to have arguments, criticisms, opponents and proponents, otherwise, the history stigmatizes this period by negative description, for instance: The Nazi and Fascistic eras are dark days of the humanity ages.

The mosaic-type of intellectuals in the Arab World has never been due to different 'intellectual schools' nor different religions or different doctrines, but the problem is due to pre-existing personal or payments which originates from that side or the other.
For instance, When Israel had been announced 'formally' as an independent state in 1948, Most of the Palestinians and Arabs refused that and formed 'resistance cells' to defend Palestine against the Zionist colonial occupation, Meanwhile, Some Palestinian and Arab families stood on the Zionist and British side, contrary to their own people, for example: The Jerusalemite Nashashibi tribe supported the Zionist-British occupation against the People of Palestine, despite this family included many well-educated members who knew the real danger at that time.
From the beginning of the Syrian uprising in March 2011, —which has been transformed into bloody civil war— , The Arab intellectuals were vertically divided into three Camps, by which one camp stands with the 'Axis of resistance' alongside with the tyrant Syrian regime and the second stands with the 'Axis of Moderation' alongside with the retarded tribal Sheikhs of the Arab Gulf monarchies, who act as an intermediate proxies for the US administration, While the Third Camp resembles the 'Don Quixote' which only criticize the first and second Camps.

There is  a gamble of Free and independent intellectuals who only  Obey their convictions and principles despite the vast majority of Media ignore them due to sponsors' policy, for example, Mohammad Hassanein Haykal , a well-known Nasserist and Arab Nationalist has taken a clear position by which the Syrian regime must be overthrown, meanwhile No foreign intervention in Syria, also As'ad Abu-Khalil a Lebanese-born American Professor has the same position and opinions on the Syrian Crisis.

In my opinion, The Syrian crisis resembles a moral and ethical examination for all international and Arab intellectuals, Since The Syrian people has the absolute right to decide the ruling system over their homeland
Meanwhile, One can not call foreigners to intervene to change the other's regime.
Furthermore, What about the Bahraini people who are seeking for liberty and dignity over their homeland?
How could one Salute the brave Syrian people, while shaking the hand of the tribal tyrant Bahraini king?!