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The Sectarian Part of the Syrian conflict

Published on 11 December 2012, by M. Tomazy.
By: Mohammad Tomazy, The weblog editor

There is no doubt that the running battle in Syria started as a peaceful popular demonstrations asking for social and economic justice, thereafter, a respective part of the Syrian people raised the banner of regime's overthrowing.
The War in Syria is quiet variable and carries many 'bloody conflicts' on the same geographic land (Syria).
Other than the foreign intervention either by the Russian-Iranian axis or the US-EU-Turkish axis, the War of Syria in form of variable 'texture' including Sectarian and religious conflict which is oriented inside Syria.
Broadly speaking, The rulers of the Arab Gulf States have invested their aspirations in the pretext of defending the Sunni majority in Syria who are being ruled by the 'Alawite minority' in addition to other pretexts such as: Supporting the Syrian people against the tyrant Syrian regime, although None of the Arab Gulf monarchies has an elected parliament!
Few weeks ago, The Syrian government closed Hamas offices in Damascus, although it could have done this earlier, since Hamas has decided to be repositioned in the Syrian opposition's side.
The Syrian regime has claimed that Hamas is engaged in the Syrian conflict by Radical Islamist opponent militia named 'Ahfad al-Rasool', and according to the Syrian Government, they received their military exercise in Hamas military camps in Syria, Furthermore, the mentioned militia converts Muslim brotherhood ideology.

The military gangs announced they formed a Palestinian militia named 'al-Asyfa brigades—mainly formed from Palestinian refugees in Syria— and according to the Free Syrian Army (FSA), this militia is responsible to defend Al-Yarmouk Palestinian refugee Camp against the Syrian Army, While there was no military clashes in the camp at that time.
Hamas proponents raising the Syrian opposition's flag
Few days ago, Hamas celebrated its 25th anniversary in Gaza and officially raised the Syrian opposition's flag with the red tri-stars in the middle horizontal white rectangle, Yet the official Syrian flag has two green stars in the middle horizontal white rectangle.  

Even though Hamas and Hezbollah are belonged to two different Islamic doctrines, their positions toward the Syrian Crisis are totally different , i.e, Hezbollah supports the Syrian regime because the Syrian regime in the 'axis of resistance' against Israel, while Hamas supports the opposition's military gangs — in form or another— due to sectarian reason.

The western governments support local proxies to achieve their own aspirations, and so The US, EU, Turkey and Israel support the opponent military gangs, while Russia and Iran support the Syrian regime.
From other hand, The ruling tribes of the Arab Gulf States are intermediate proxies for the Western governments and they use the historic Sectarian dispute between the two Islam doctrines (Sunni and Shiite).