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Video: Israeli Forces assault Hunger Striker Issawi at Jerusalem Court

Published on 20 December 2012, by M. Tomazy.
On Tuesday 18th December, Israeli forces assaulted the Palestinian hunger striker Samer al-Issawi during a court hearing.

Lawyer of the Palestinian prisoners society, Jawad Boulos, said that the guards from the Alnhacon unit beat al-Issawi when he tried to greet his family in the Jerusalem court, noting that the prisoner's hands and feet were cuffed.

Al-Issawi has been on hunger strike for 140 days in Israel's Ramleh prison and was briefly hospitalized when his heart dropped to 36 beats per minute.

Boulos also said he asked the judge to adjourn the hearing as al-Issawi needed urgent medical treatment for chest pains but the judge refused and continued the hearing for 30 minutes.
The court of Issawi has been postponed to 27/12/2012, and the judge asked the guards to take Samer to doctors for treatment.

"The guards and Israeli forces have also assaulted Issawi when he tried to address the media. He felt on ground and was dragged from his hands and feet to the detention room in the court," Added Boulos.

Head of the prisoners society, Qadura Fares, called on the world to immediately intervene to stop the suffering of the prisoners especially the hunger strikers Samer al-Issawi and Ayman al-Sharawneh.

It's worth mentioning that today, the Israeli forces raided al-Issawya village north of Jerusalem, broke into the house of prisoner al-Issawi and arrested his sister, Shireen.

In an interview with the Jerusalem Media Center the moment of her arrest, Shireen said, "They detained me with no charges except spreading the plight of my brother. I will keep defending him until he returns to Jerusalem and you too should stand by him before it's too late."