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The massacre at Aqrab, Syria

Published on 19 December 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Videos Expose Anti Syrian Government Propaganda
The Syrian crisis has been plagued by disinformation, especially when it comes to the Mainstream Media (MSM) and its lies about the Syrian conflict to suit their governments' agendas.
Hayat Yousef, Eye-witness

In most cases, irresponsible reporting from what were once considered as "prestigious" news organizations has relied heavily on "Syrian activists", who happen to be almost entirely pro-FSA and anti-Syrian government. Massacres conducted by the Islamist "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) against unarmed Syrian civilians were casually attributed by those activists as crimes of the "Assad regime" against a defenseless population in order to delegitimize the Syrian government. The FSA would then display dead children that they just massacred as "victims of Assad's Shabbiha", a militia loyal to the Syrian government.

Alex Thomson Report (from inside Syria) 

A recent episode took place in Aqrab (Hama countryside), where over 200 civilians were reportedly massacred by the Shabbiha. Most news organizations went with that narrative. However, a closer investigation that entails talking to the parents and relatives of these victims shows a completely different story. This video has two parts.

Part 1 (starts at 0:30) shows British Channel 4 report (Alex Thomson report) on the story directly from Part 2  (starts at 6:25) shows Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV report

Al-Mayadeen TV report (Arabic report) on the story.

Yet, it's the Syrian government that is continuously portrayed as the one conducting these massacres, whereas it has been shown, in each case, that it's no entity other than the FSA that is conducting them, be it in al-Houla, Darayya, Karm al-Zeitoun, or any other similar massacre.

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