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Al-Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Syria

Published on 19 December 2012, by M. Tomazy.

For this they raid al-Yarmouk Camp!!

By Rashad Abu-Shawar, Al-Quds Al-Arabi Newspaper  [Translated Article]

Al-Yarmouk refugee Camp is now suffering. what is the cause of suffering?!
Many of its families left it, why? Of the reason for their departure, and their displacement, and fear?! These are the questions that I think it leads us to know the truth.

The readers of 'Al-Quds Al-Arabi' remember that I wrote repeatedly about al-Yarmouk refugee camp, warning, and correcting, and lies promoters unsubstantiated propaganda, tendentious backgrounds, instigator, distorted the facts.
The attack began on the Palestinians, not only on  al-Yarmouk refugee Camp alone, a series of assassinations of Palestinian recruits, and the Palestinian Liberation Army officers, including doctors..  disciplinary specialists, our people when they need them .. why were being assassinated?!

Destruction in al-Yarmouk refugee camp
When an attempt was made to storm the compound (Al-Khalsa) of the Popular Front General Command (PFLP-GC), during the march funeral Martyrs attempt to cross into Palestine through the Golan last May, I wrote about what really happened, from my concern for the delivery of truth for readers, and prevent the opportunity to  misled the people of our Nation, and employment of Palestinian blood to serve their goals unfair, that lack of ethics, and honesty.

Repeatedly posed the question: What is being planned for the Palestinian?, and I knew that readers would reach the answer without trouble, and diligence for the mind.
Now, my "big" family in  al-Yarmouk refugee camp displaced again, and wander, and do not know where to hold their children to survive them, I say: This is what the plans of al-Yarmouk refugee camp!
Contemplates a map of the city of Damascus will become clear the camp site geographically, it is up among several districts: Attadhamon, Al-Oroba, Al-Hajar al-Aswad, Al-Qadam, Al-Maydan, Yelda, and large parts of Eastern Gouta (Al-Ghouta Al-Sharqiyah).

The second thing: They [the opposition's armed groups] focused their attacks on the camp, several months ago, and in the past few days, aimed to make the camp battle's land, so forced the Syrian army to fight to restore this important, which means making the camp an "informative material" in defamatory way to use that against the Syrian regime, and so using the camp as a (Card ), with no attention to the fate of its inhabitants, and they have been, and will be subjected to be homelessness.... Imagine that America pity on the Palestinians, and holds the Syrian authorities responsible for protecting them?! Seems they have responded to the appeals of Yasser Abed Rabbo for the international community to intervene to punish the Syrian regime a threat to its neighbors!

No military sites in the Camp for the Syrian regime, and None has been moved  to defend the regime, all the people of the camp committed to non-interference, and stay on the fence, out of respect for Syrian homeland, which embraced them, and for the people who treated them Arab brotherhood since the catastrophe of 1948.

Three days and shelling continued on the camp, along with intrusion attempts, once one hand Attadamon neighborhood , and once through the al-hajar al-Aswad .. that pushed thousands of militants across the neighborhood Al-Oroba, Attadamon, Yelda, and al-Hajar al-Aswad, on the afternoon of Sunday, and started trapping some homes Palestinian leaders, and breaking into homes, and trapping Al-Khalsa complex, around which clashes until the moment, The little number of workers in the complex refused to surrender, and enable attackers to occupy the complex.

What did they want from men doing a job in social service, health, and education, to surrender? Is this activity aggression against any party in Syria?!

It has been proved that some of the joined popular committees to maintain the camp, were opened a gap in the side of the camp to rush through militants Al- Nusra, and FSA .. No wonder, it has managed (Jabhat Al-Nusra) to attract some people who hit up to contribute in car bomb attacks exploded Syrian citizens in the area Kazzaz and others, and to sacrifice one of them himself in a suicide bombing!

No wonder that appears from the ranks of the Palestinian people to join these groups, it is before it amounted to some Palestinians that went from camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon .. for jihad in Afghanistan, while Jerusalem A kilometer away a few times!

Al-Yarmouk camp gave thousands of Fidayeen (Freedom fighters) during the Palestinian revolution contemporary,  and the remnants of the Fedayeen are present in Lebanon, and waiting for that moment comes, which contribute to the liberalization of their homeland, a goal which gave him their youth, for which took up arms!

Last Sunday, Thousands of militants overran the al-Yarmouk camp, did not address them only a few members of the popular committees, whose task was to adjust the entrance to the camp, so it does not get trapped cars, and strictly to penetrate the security of the camp from any party whatsoever.

PFLP General Command  responded to the calls of the people of the camp to form coordination committees to protect the security of the camp, and bore the brunt in the maintenance of security camp, while other Palestinian organizations took  opportunistic positions, and they did not seem interested in what threatens people of the camp, after it appeared as breakthrough ( for Al-Nusra thugs) in the camp.

Popular Front -General Command, deserve thanks and appreciation  to carry the burden of defending the camp, which is exposed to slanderous media campaign of  misleading, backgrounds can be detected once asked the following questions: Are members of the General Command fighting outside the camp?! Do they defend the camp convicted, and is not allowed, and biased toward the Syrian regime? Are the Palestinians needed to facilitate the process of converting the camp to the battle's land, so that is the fuel [of the war]?!.

I know that some people in the camp now engaged confrontations with the profaned the camp, and Targeted it  over the past few days bombardment continued, and sniping daily, and raids continued overnight and day, in order to thwart 'the hearts' of the people of the camp, and intimidation, and push them to evacuate the camp .. and this is their duty, and their right to defend self.

I would like to mention the readers that I do not belong to any Palestinian faction, since I emerged from Beirut in 1982, and so my testimony on the PFLP- General Command is unbiased, or other party, and the testimony under oath, as it is said in the 'courtroom', I as a writer will not 'leave' my conscience  and I will not manipulating the truth, because the ultimate goal of the writing, as I believed always, is: tell the truth, and bias for Palestine, and faith unity of the nation and call constantly to resist the Zionist occupation, and defend human dignity of the Arabs, and the rejection of the American domination over the Arab countries, and bias of the Zionist entity, and expose the (culture) of oil sabotage that make their ranks the nation fomenting sectarian religious conflict ends serving the rulers of ignorance and dependence, and their American masters..

So readers know the goal of the attack on the camp of al-Yarmouk, I am referring the readers  to one of the leaders of the National Coalition [for opposition], who is George Sabra, on Al Arabiya TV Channel: "The Camp is Syrian land, and no one will stop us from entering  al-Yarmouk refugee camp, because this creates to resolve the battle of Damascus!", he said.

Gen. George Sabra, Comrade, former communist, now..(brother) [ironically alludes for changing George Sabra's ideology from communism to Muslim Brotherhood]...  do not you care about the fate of nearly two hundred thousand Palestinians! ..he forgets that the regime will not allow to take over the camp of the importance of its position, and so will turn the camp into scorched earth devastating, perhaps, say: Maybe Lord George, you use Jabhat al-Nusra to fight, not only being a battle of Damascus, but it will be more fuel to the fire that will burn the whole people of Damascus, and not al-Yarmouk refugee camp alone, and with a vision to establish the promised  (caliphate) state  .. come on, Comrade!!

al-Yarmouk refugee camp built by generations of Palestinians Ed, and struggle, and hard work, until it became a market attractive to farmers of Ghouta who promote the fruits and vegetables, and also shopping , which is to give back to the people of Syria to embarce hundreds of  Syrian families who fled the fire that destroyed their villages .. Is so rewarded?!

Free Syrian Army, Al-Nusra, and the Muslim Brotherhood, all of them bear the brunt of the crime of al-Yarmouk camp .. this crime that will not be forgotten by our people, our nation and honest.