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Who defines Terrorism?!

Published on 03 December 2012, by M. Tomazy.
BY: The M, The weblog co-author:
Who’s the terrorist? Based on different sources that shaped my understanding of terrorism in our time, I believe that terrorism is defined as acts that raise the feeling of fear and insecure in people, fear of danger that could come in any form, and that danger might be in acts of violence.
 For more than 60 years and Zionists have deep grudge for Arabs, and now they are making Palestinians suffer from worst kind of tortures such as displacement. 
They consider the act of a Palestinian holding a stone to defend him/herself as terrorism. However, Palestinians blood is not considered that valuable, nor Libyans or Syrians.
On the other hand, the blood of the Gulf States rulers is 'pure oil', so killing them or overthrowing them would be considered as a waste of a major natural resource! Who defines terrorism? Let’s say the Governments and People who are being terrorized (victims of terrorism) I mentioned the governments at first because they are the decision maker, people can suffer from terrorism and governments might not recognize it as such; however, nowadays the act of terrorism adapted a whole new aspect. This definition is presented in the collective act against one target.
Libya fit very well in this new aspect of definition.
The act of terrorism was held by the public who collaborated with outsiders to overthrow their regimes… if their people bled oil instead of blood, would it make a difference? Who’s the terrorist?