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The Massacre in Aleppo University

Published on 19 January 2013, by M. Tomazy.
By Local Editor
A bloody Massacre was committed in Aleppo University while the Students were being in classes for exams.
240 people were killed and injured (160 people were wounded and 80 people were killed) during two attacks against the University.

I preferred to postpone my coverage during the first three days in order to have enough information and to observe multi-lateral coverage on the bloody Massacre in Aleppo University, all that to avoid unintentional misleading to my readers.

Aleppo University was completely under the Syrian government control, and the Students were preparing themselves for exams at the moment of the two bloody Attacks.

The pro-NATO Syrian opposition accused the Syrian government (they use the term "Syrian regime") of fabricating the Massacre in order to prove the theory of "Terrorism" in Syria.

The question is: Why Should the Syrian government commit a massacre in a University which is under its Control?!
During the last three days, I've observed the pro-NATO Arabic News Channels trying to form the whole picture from the whole conflicting sides in Syria.
The Pro-NATO Media --as usually-- accused the Syrian government of committing the Massacre in order to prove the theory of Terrorism in Syria.
An International pro-NATO Medium has brought my attention by fabricating a silly story which is: According to the rebels, Two Anti-Aircraft rockets were launched by the rebels against the Syrian warplane from Aleppo Countryside and they "falsely" hit the University building!

From other hand, I have noticed that the local Pro-NATO media (Particularly Aljazeera and AlArabiyya TV Channels) did not cover the massacre as they usually do. In other Massacres such as Hula, they transmitted it from 'every corner' --surely they accused what-so-called Alawite Shabbiha-- for few days , furthermore, Aljazeera Channel --the mouthpiece of Emir of Qatar-- had made a documentary film on al-Hula Massacre, while passed the Massacre of Aleppo University as the daily Syrian News (from the pro-NATO opposition's viewpoint).

The University is located in an area controlled by the army loyal to the President Bashar al-Assad. Aleppo is located in the northern Syria and is divided since last July into neighborhoods controlled by rebels and government forces.
There is no doubt that the Pro-NATO armed rebels committed the bloody massacre reflecting two important points:
Firstly: They failed to achieve victory on the ground despite the NATO-GCC support, and this indeed will push them to commit war crimes in form of revenge.
Secondly: They failed to maintain local citizens sympathy, during their fight against the Syrian government due to retarded and barbaric practices on the ground, for example: Steeling the bread and Diesel to sell it in Turkey (The Turkish Media documented these Stories).

The Syrian people are paying an expensive price due to geopolitical conflict between NATO-GCC and Russian-Iranian axises, and they merely think about the innocent victims, on the contrary, NATO and pro-NATO governments justify their unlawful intervention on behalf of fake Statements such as "human rights", and when they invade a country (Like Iraq or Afghanistan) the victims' number increase by thousands of times.