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What is the genius?

Published on 21 April 2017, by M. Tomazy.
Genius is a person who has a very high (i.e. more than the smart) Intelligence Quotient (IQ).
So, in order to describe a person as "genius", he or she must gain above-smart score in the pre-existing standard IQ test. This criterion is, however, wrong.

So, what is the genius?
The genius asks simple questions which appear silly for the public (normal people).
Imagine that Newton stood at the lecture hall and asked his professor why does the apple fall on the ground? what would be the reaction of both the professor and the students? I'm pretty sure no one would like to be in his place.
The genius is someone with different (abnormal) thinking in the right direction.
Newton, for example, reversed what appeared to us as fact, and backwardly reached the gravity laws.

In his thirties, Einstein professed his revolutionary Relativity Theory. He asked himself about what seemed to normal people as a fact; why does the light velocity which is originated from moving object still stable? where does the velocity of the moving object go?

Current genius evaluation is wrong. 
There is no defined reference to evaluate the genius other than his achievement in certain field. In other words, the genius is genius within his field, but not within a category of different fields, such as mathematics and psychology, like the IQ test suggests.

Another well-known fraud is the Intelligent Mental Arithmetic (IMA) which is a program claimed to boost children's intelligence, based on Asian counting scale. It's totally based on counting and solving mathematical problems exclusively.
However, does intelligence relate to mathematics exclusively?
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In fact, this type of training depends on enhancing recalling the short-term memory which with practice is saved in neurons as neuro-chemical substance and it also increase the neuronal synapses, so the enrolled child has more abilities to recall the mathematical processes due to goal-oriented exercises.
For example, a 4-year-old child plays one of sophisticated symphonies is not different than a child who solves complicated mathematical problems after enrolling the mentioned IMA.

What makes the genius so?
Besides imagination and curiosity, the genius is not distracted.
Most people are distracted and embedded within "normal" life. Some people search for the wealth, others for fame and reputation, and some people are busy making living and raising their kids.

The genius is not distracted by those things, even if he or she holds some of them. The genius finds time for observation, contemplation and thinking.

Are nerds smart?
Even though nerds do not interact socially like normal people and so they lack of  normal "social skills", they have time to think, try and imagine.
They spend more than normal people performing their hobbies; either it is video games or hacking websites.
So nerds are generally smart.