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The Story of Bahrain

Published on 05 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.
When I usually write on Politics, I  have only two stable criteria, The first is The effect of any Political event on the Palestinian cause and the second criterion is How close the event for the poor and marginalized Arab people.
The uprising of Bahrain is one of the purest Arab Uprisings due to many objective reasons making me feel I would be proud to be the mouthpiece of the Majority of the people in Bahrain.
Peaceful demonstrations have been launched  in the Small Arabian Monarchy against the Autocratic, Tribal Kingdom-form asking for "Constitutional Kingdom" by which an elected prime minister leads the Government originating from the Parliamentary Majority and The equal opportunities between the Bahraini Citizens.
The Tribal Bahraini regime adopted a Strategy of Demographic change by Political Nationalization of foreign people with one single criterion which is to be NON-Shiite person, because the regime originated from the Muslim-Sunni Minority in Bahrain ruling the Shiite-Majority.  
To re-enforce my view point, In the last Olympic games held in London, They put the Flag of Ethiopia besides the Name of Ethiopian-origin Bahraini participant.

People of Bahrain have started peaceful demonstrations resembling their own copy of Arab Uprising under the name of ( February 14 Revolution) and They took (Dua'ar Al-lu'lu'a = The Pearl Round) --in the downtown of the Capital-- to be their "Spatial Symbol of the revolution" like Tahrir Sqaure in Cairo.

Neither Sectarian nor Religious Slogans were raised, then the Royal family in Saudi Arabia sent Military Band (Der'a Al-Jazeera = Shield of Al-jazeera) and suppressed the Civilians and Destroyed (The Pearl Square) in Manama which became the Symbol of the revolution.

The Monarchies of The Gulf  and their Mouthpieces Claimed that Iran Support the Uprising of Bahrain for No Practical reason except that the Majority of the Bahriani people belongs to the Shiite Doctrine, All that just to justify the Military Suppression.

Most of what-so-called International Human rights Organizations including AMNESTY and HRW Condemn and Asked the Bahraini regime to Stop violation against civilians and to release Prisoners of conscience (who are well-educated persons including Doctors, Lawyers and HRD) with No response.
Ironically, The same Arab Monarchies which Inflame the Civil war in Syria (by Supporting the Rebels with Money, Heavy weapons and Mercenaries) are Participants in repression in Bahrain.
Not Only the Gulf monarchies are helping the Tribal regime to Suppress the peaceful demonstrations, but also Many reports pointed the Jordanian and Moroccan regimes involvement in Bahrain with Military "Experts".

Furthermore, UK has supplied the regime with Advanced Spyware Software to spy on the Bahraini opponents using Skype and the US has also made Military deals with the regime during the peaceful uprising.
During one Single demonstration,  nearly 40% of the Bahraini population were in the streets Chanting for Freedom with Complete local and international Betrayal. 

The Current Bahraini PM has been in his Chair for more than 40 years (since 1971), seems to be in Competition with Qaddafi of Libya!!.
People of Bahrain still Struggle and the Free People (not the fake freedom of Liberal Capitalists but the Liberty of Bakunin) Still Support them for nothing except real Brotherhood and Humanity.