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A Look in Morocco

Published on 04 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Unlike most of the Arab Countries, Few non-Arab Journalists or Political analysts know about the political and social formula in Morocco and most of them are Franco-phonics.
Most of Western citizens know Morocco as one of tourist destinations in holidays!.
Morocco is one of the Arab and North-African countries, Population is around (32,640,000).
The ruling regime is an Autocratic Kingdom.
In Practice, Moroccan regime is one of the worst regimes in the Arab World, but the Western Governments and NGOs, in particular,  French and Spanish governments are so interested to preserve the tyrant Moroccan regime since the King is keeping their interests.

Freedom House has Classified Morocco as Partly free Country  --Their Scale varies (free, partly free to "not free" Countries).
Spain occupies two Moroccan territories "Ceuta and Melilla" and for the European Governments, the Moroccan regime protects the Southern Coasts of the Mediterranean Sea from illegal migration and Islamic extremists with no regard to the Authoritarian practices, slavery and exploitation of women in Morocco.
Ceremony of allegiance to Moroccan Crown Prince (8 yrs-old) 
Many Protests were launched against the retarded Royal Protocol humiliating to the general public by the exiled Moroccan people in France since the regime would not allow Such Pretests in Morocco.

Since the beginning of the Arab Uprisings, The Moroccan people had their Movement (named February 20 Movement) against Corruption, High costs of living and the Autocratic-form of the Country.
The Moroccan regime has led Repression Campaign against dependent and HRD Activists and Journalists, Furthermore, Many Newspapers were confiscated, While "Freedom house" ranking the Moroccan regime the degree of "Partly free", this is to show both Western governments and NGOs' Hypocrisy.

The King wanted to absorb the Popular anger and the serious demonstrations, So he altered some Constitutional materials (Preserving Selection of PM, the Army and  Ministry of Foreign affairs under his personal control), then he Appointed the parliamentary majority ( Justice & development party, i.e, Moroccan Muslim brotherhood.) to form the other Portfolios in coordination with their allied small parties.
Although the King appointed the Islamist PM, Abdul-Elah Benkiran, People of Morocco did not end the peaceful demonstrations. Furthermore, Women have lost their presentation in the Islamic-led Government.  

There is No Modern Laws to Protect rapped females or Sexual assaults in Morocco. and Many young  ladies committed suicide due to Forced marriage of rapist.

The Moroccan regime is well-known of being one of the best Israel friends in the region since the era of the latter King Hassan II, and also facilitated the Jewish migration to Palestine, this made the Moroccan Jews to form the largest portion of Sephardic Jews in the Occupied Palestine.

Not only the Moroccan regime led Normalization with Israel in the Arab World, but also Many reports pointed the Moroccan role in repression in Bahrain.