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Our Palestine's area is 27,000 km2

Published on 03 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of PA, held a televized interview with the Israeli Channel-2 which was aired yesterday, He stated that he has the right ONLY to visit his Birthplace "Safad city", Northern Palestine, but according to him, he has NO right to consider Safad to be Part of Palestine because it belongs to Israel!.
This Statement comes in the context of the continuous  WAIVER  of Palestine for the Zionists and during about twenty years of direct bilateral negotiations, the Palestinian people harvested Confiscate lands for Israeli Settlements and thousands of Martyrs, Freedom prisoners and Handicapped Palestinians due to Israeli excessive force against us.

The Palestinian population is estimated to be around 11 millions, about one  half of them live inside Palestine and the other half in form of  obligated refugees around the world.
Even if Mahmoud Abbas represents the head of PA and Fatah movement, He will NOT have the right to waive any part of the Palestinian land since the right of return for the Obligated Palestinian refugees is ALSO an INDIVIDUAL right ( i.e., Any Person has the right to return to his/her homeland whenever he/she wants.)

PA mouthpieces have justified that Statement as an "Oriented Speech" to what-so-called "Israeli Public opinion" --at least for me-- this excuse has made us more and more anger!. And the Israelis talk to us by  arrests, bullets and Airstrikes.

From a legal standpoint, the two de facto Governments of Fatah and Hamas in West bank and Gaza Strip respectively, expired the constitutional mandate and because their positions are not consistent with the higher Palestinian interest they do not represent Palestine.