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Kafranbel disbelief

Published on 10 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Kafranbel town in the Countryside of Idleb is an Anti-Assad regime in general. Meanwhile, Kafranbel brings my attention by the banners and slogans.
Most of the banners criticize the 'bloody regime' as well as the pro-NATO puppets.
The idea of Kafranbel is "We are sick of the bloody regime alongside the pro-Western opposition"
The pro-NATO puppet, Ahmad Muaz al-Katib is talking to Assad: You have [time] till Sunday... Then I will sleep without supper!!
I believe that most of the Syrian people are tired of both the regime and the opposition, but the Syrian people are generally patriot and they surely (in general) refuse the Western intervention in Syria, although they are suffering from the internal oppression.