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Lieberman and Palestinian Authority

Published on 06 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister, has threatened to dissolve the Palestinian Authority (PA) today, in the event of keeping en route to the United Nations to request Non-member State seat.
Although the PA has made all possible efforts to re-engage what-so-called "Peace Process", the Israelis are asking for more and more concessions in return NOTHING for the PA.

In my opinion, Lieberman resembles the clear side of Zionists, So we can read the real Israeli intentions through him, Unlike other Zionist leaders like Shimon Peres who wear "the Peace Mask" on his real Ugly, Racist and Zionist face.
I wonder why do not the PA leaders dissolve the PA?!. What are we --as Palestinians waiting-- for??

The Palestinian People have dozens of UN resolutions support them, but what did we get on the ground?
For example, We have "The Right of return resolution-194", But NONE of the obligated Palestinian refugees were returned to occupied Palestine. And for the hypothetical UN resolution of  "Non-member state seat", What will be changed on the ground? Will it lead to liberate Palestine? or at least Part of it?
I think all the Palestinian efforts without real resistance on the ground are worthless, On the contrary, time-wasting gives advantage for Israel to Judiaze more Palestinian territories and to build more Israeli Settlements on our confiscated Land.

Israel so worry of the Palestinian request, because Israel always plays the role of peaceful, democratic state surrounded by the hostile, "Anti-semitic" Arabs.Furthermore, the Zionist leaders draw specific picture in the west to justify occupying Palestine with NO western OBJECTION and  if the World will ask Israel --in case of  adopting the resolution-- to leave '67 Occupied Palestinian territories, then Israel will be "embarrassed" due to the  Public opinions of Western people that might be changed in form or another, despite the huge misleading Zionist propaganda in the West.

In my opinion, The PA's leadership has historical option which is Autonomic dissolving the PA and returning to the Popular movement-form to face all challenges and this indeed, will  "Theoretically" evolve Israel --as an occupation force-- to ensure Salaries, Transports, Health and Education, etc..