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The Pseudo-megalic State

Published on 23 January 2013, by M. Tomazy.
The Qatari royal family stimulated asking many questions by being controversial most of the time, especially by Non-Arab intellectuals as well as superficial persons who are being led by the Main Stream Media (MSM).
Pseudo means : "Seems to be or looks like", Megalic means : "Large or huge".
The Small rich Sheikhdom has been increasingly mentioned as one of the most effective Middle-eastern and Arab States  through both local and international Media since 1996.

As one of traditional Arab monarchies, The Qatari foreign policy is individually determined by almost three relatives: the Sheikh (Prince), his son (the Crown-prince) and their cousin who occupies two portfolios; the PM and foreign ministry.

In 1995, The Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani led a bloodless coup against his father, Khalifa al-Thani and the later was sent to his exile in UK to spend his life there.

The royal dynasty of Saudi Arabia refused the coup of Qatar's Hamad, the son against his old father Khalifa and did not recognize the new Sheikh at the beginning, furthermore, they practiced their effect on the American administration to refuse recognition of the New Qatari ruler. ( Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ex-Ambassador in Washington, DC had a unique and strong relations with the consequent US administrations especially the Bush family)

The US administration found it the suitable moment to practice pressure on the New ruler of Qatar and as we know the US policy in the Arab World is built on two geopolitical questions; the first question is to maintain Israel's Security and the second question is to maintain the Energy resources from the rich-oil and Petroleum monarchies, taking in consideration that Saddam Hussein was on the presidency chair in Iraq at that time.

The New ruler of Qatar -- who is ready to buy international recognition-- allowed the US to build the largest American military base in the Arab World and engaged a competition with al-Saud in Saudi Arabia to prove loyalty (American interests keeper), also he allowed Israel to officially open the first Israeli foreign office in the Gulf States.
In 1996 Aljazeera Satellite Channel was launched as the first nontraditional Arab News channel which characterized by the courage to discuss 'forbidden' matters in all Arab countries except Qatar.
It gained popularity in short time due to exceptional courage and style.

During Iraq's Invasion in 2003, From one hand, The Anglo-American Warplanes were being launched from the American Airbase in Qatar. Aljazeera Satellite Channel (in Qatar) was covering against the US-British Invasion, from the other.
The ruling Qatar dynasty invested very well in media-production and Propaganda, most of Aljazeera moderators were exiled or undesired members of Muslim brotherhood (MB) which was troublesome party for the Arab regimes as well as few Arab Nationalists in its team.

Prince of Qatar has embraced the Egyptian Grand Ikhwani (MB) Sheikh, Yousuf al-Qaradawi and gifted him the Qatari Nationality, furthermore, He has his weekly religious program on Aljazeera Arabic to justify the foreign Qatari policy from the religion viewpoint (He may criticize any Muslim or Arab ruler except Emir of Qatar).
The Qatar foreign Policy is engineered by Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani, the PM and foreign minister side-by-side with the Emir and in occasional cases they consult some foreign "experts".
They Opened an Embassy-like office representing Afaghanistan's Taliban (Afghani wing of al-Qaeda), and they bombarded Libya side-by-side with NATO forces to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi from the Power.
Furthermore, The Sheikdom dynasty supported the radical Islamists in Mali (according to some reports from  Algerian intelligence service and some reports enlightened the possible Qatari involvement by funding Mali's Islamists rebels).
Although Qatar lacks of any democratic establishments such as Parliament or election commissions, Qatar is supporting what-so-called the Arab Spring, particularly the Muslim brotherhood groups.
In Syria, Emir of Qatar was one of the closed allies to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and He politically stood against both the al-Saud and Mubarak's regime during Hizbullah-Israeli War in 2006 and also Emir of Qatar invited Iran, Syria and Hamas's leader, Khalid Masha'al to an Arab Summit to Support the Palestinian resistance, immediately after the Israeli War on Gaza in 2009.
During the Arab Uprisings at the beginning of 2011, The role of Qatari ruling dynasty has been exposed for most of Arab citizens (at least, I have noticed that clearly in Palestine); They Supported the Muslim brotherhood financially and by Aljazeera Channel to lead the counter-revolutions in the Arab World.
According to Alexa (the famous web counter), Aljazeera net, the official Aljazeera website has lost the previous ranks by at least 16%.
Although Forbes is not known to be accurate in website ranking, al-Saud propaganda channel (Al-Arabiyya) has gained better rank than Aljazeera Channel.
For persons like me, The Qatari dynasty is one of the Imperialistic instruments and they Act as an intermediate proxy between the Western powers and the local Muslim brotherhood  parties (which resembel the terminal proxy) in the Arab World.
The Arab Uprisings have been launched from the Republics, without involvement the Arab monarchies till now.
I think the Qatari role is reflecting psychiatric individual Paranoia rather than a Country's foreign Policy.