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No for mouths' muzzle

Published on 28 December 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Michael Rivero One of peace activists in the U.S. and the moderator of What really happened website (
I read the updated news and articles almost daily in what really happened website (Twitter: @WRH_Mike_Rivero).
Because the Imperialist governments always insist to hide the truth and play the 'democratic games' which has only the name 'democracy', Facebook suspended Michael's account.
What really happened website respects and defends human rights and human mentality too with no racist nor offensive contents.
The Main Stream Media (MSM) is owned by liberal capitalists who care to increase their wealth with no regards to human rights and nations interests, that's why they consider the others opinions as hostility in many terms like: racism, anti-semitism, offensiveness or terrorism.

What really happened website exposes the truth, at least, through non-traditional way and support the  people through out the world with no regard to the profits and business.
It's also pro-Palestine website and exposes the US administration's bias toward Israel and toward dictatorships around the world in order to maintain their world's control.

This Weblog (The Arab World 360) is already blocked in Saudi Arabia which is a strong ally for the US administration since it is Freelance, uncensored and exposes the news agenda from the middle of the Arab world, so I build a website ( to bypass search engines and major social media networks from banning it.

I also strongly recommend to navigate The Angry Arab News Agency ( which is moderated by Professor As'ad Abu-Khalil, and exposes things as should be exposed with no regard to 'political money' nor sponsors policies.
The Angry Arab News blog has a unique way by some 'sarcastic comments', i.e, (black irony which draws a smile on the corrupted governments' behaviors  and what-so-called 'national figures').