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Egypt Constitution: The Silent Majority is back For real

Published on 27 December 2012, by M. Tomazy.
And Supreme referendum commission “SRC” has announced the official results of the constitution referendum :
    - The eligible voters in the constitution referendum : 51,919,067 voters
    - The no. of voters who casted their vote in the referendum : 17,058,317 voters
    - The official turnout : 32.9%
    - The valid votes : 16,755,012 votes
    - The null votes : 303,395 votes
    - The no. of those who approved the constitution : 10,693,911 voters “63.8%”
    - The no. of those who rejected the constitution : 6,061,101 voters “36.2%”

In other words the constitution is approved by 63.8% out of the 32.9% who showed up to vote. This is low regardless of what you think with all my respect to the idea of democracy and so on. We are speaking a constitution that affect the future of the country.
I will not comment on how MB managed RSSD Facebook News pages knew the results days before the SRC exclude the null votes and the problematic polling stations. I will not comment on how the SRC ignored completely the complains of the Christians in Upper Egypt on how they would not be let to vote because it is useless to debate in this stage.
I will comment on the fact that this is a very low turnout , we are about a turnout of 32.9% out of nearly 52 million voters in a referendum that will change not only their lives but the lives of the people.
I will comment on that very low turnout compared to the March 2011 constitutional declaration referendum. In march 2011 the SCAF’s constitutional declaration was backed by 77% of the voters. The turnout was 41.2% of 45 eligible voters then. I think to be fair there are important factors we should consider :

Egyptians who work in different governorates were free to vote where ever they are.

Already I remember that queues in my polling station in March 2011 were the biggest and we had to wait for hour then queues disappeared in each election till we reached to December 2012 referendum.
It is like the silent majority is back to its silence. The majority of eligible voters did not go and vote on the charter that will affect and change their lives , this is extremely dangerous in transitional times.It is as if people lost faith in the democratic electoral process.
The Muslim brotherhood and Islamists got the constitution they want and the silent majority is back to its silence and its mistrust in democracy as it seems.
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