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Yes, I Support Iran

Published on 26 January 2013, by M. Tomazy.
I have so many criticisms regarding to the Iranian internal and external policies; theocracy, aggression, in addition to Anti-Arab tinged with sectarian tributaries as few Iranian intellectuals ( surely they do not reflect the general opinion) told me : "You, the Arabs are the dogs of the desert" in superior and racist way during a discussion. I think this is due to the Sectarian congestion in the region and the old Persian glory in the minds of some Iranians, furthermore, the Arabian Gulf rulers have been trying to Isolate Iran not only politically, but they also used the Sunni-Shiite dispute in the worst manner;  for example, they describe the Muslim Shiite doctrine as "Magian", although Shii'as believe in the same Quran and the same prophet of the Sunnis.

I have watched a documentary medical film about Medicine in Iran, They have treated Myocardial Infarction (MI) with Stem Cells therapy and this technique is quiet new and under research in the West.
Iran also one of the most advanced countries regarding to Nanotechnology.

I have never visited Iran, but I cannot hide my Sympathy toward both the Iranian government and the Iranian Nation.
Iran is one of the Muslim countries which support the right of Palestinians to be liberated and it takes a principal un-utilitarian position.
Iran has turned the Embassy of the State of Israel into the Embassy of the State of Palestine, while some Arab and Palestinians meet and negotiate the Zionist governments.
Most of the Arab States except Syria and some Lebanese parties let the Palestinians to face their fate alone. this is the truth I remember it every day under the occupation.

The Western Propaganda works daily against Iran, although there is no evidence that the Iranians are building nuclear reactors for military purpose
Let us hypothetically assume that Iran is intending to have the Atomic bomb. well, what about Israel, India and Pakistan?! they all have Military Nuclear reactors and bombs!

I personally do not believe in the UN, UNSC or  what-so-called international community.