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Dramatic Change

Published on 31 March 2014, by M. Tomazy.

Five years ago, Palestinian factions oppose the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) announced what so called  'Damascus Alliance', and decreed announcement against the PLO policy regarding negociation with Israel and what so called 'peace process'. The alliance included Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Palestinial Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine - General Comnand (PFLP-GC) and other small factions like Popular Struggle Front.

Now a days, There is no presence of this alliance due to Syrian Crisis which divided the previous stances. More specifically, PFLP-GC which is the strongest Palestinian ally of the Syrian regime strongly criticizes Hamas regarding of the movement's Political shifting toward Syrian Opposition. Meanwhile, Palestinian Islamic Jihad is more 'conservative' and keeping strong ties with Iran and Syrian regime.

In a matter of five years (since 2009), When Khalid Mesha'al, head of Hamas movement occupied screens of the Arab News Channels, while he was reading speeches from Damascus, during Israeli Assault against Gaza Strip. On the other hand, PLO is still involving negotiations with Israel.

Surprisingly, Observers do not realize dramatic change due to daily news updates, whereas, the political as well as strategic situation may be upsided down in a short period.

No dramatic change in France!

I -personally- do not understand any difference between the new socialist president and former president Sarkozy, particularly in regard to foreign policy.

The socialist president, Hollande interferred in Mali and Syria. Is it socialism?!

What about Foreign minister, Fabius?!