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Faysal al-Qassem

Published on 23 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Tweet from Faysal al-Qassem, one of Aljazeera Channel presenters:

Translation:Whenever the media are diversified and increased in number, the number of liars, charlatans, tendentious, dishonests, deception and forgery also increase.
Are Akhtham Sulaiman (Berlin Correspondent), Ali AbuHashim (Beirut Correspondent), Mohammad Hassan (Moscow Correspondent), other than Luna Eshebel, Ghassan bin Jeddu and Sami Kulaib( they support the Syrian regime)  liars and charlatans?

What about the fabrications of aljazeera guy, Khalid Salah and his friend Danny AbdulFattah( worked for CNN).. and Why does Aljazeera website lost 70% of the total visitors?

The war is ugly exactly as the persons who engaged it from every side.
The innocent Syrian people, The Palestinian refugees in Syria  and the Labanese people are paying the price, Mr propagandist.