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Imperialistic nomenclature

Published on 09 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
During the French-British Imperialistic Era, many misnomerous terms were invented and some of them are still in usage till now.
The nomenclature relates to Palestine must be very important because the Zionist colonialism, by far, depends on replacement of names to gain legitimacy on the Palestinian Land.

The geographic nomenclature has been twisted before and through Sykes-Picot ِAgreement.
The term 'West Bank' in English ( means 'Cisjordanie' in French) is used to describe the Western Bank of the Jordan river, meanwhile, to replace the word 'Palestine' in the official and historic documents.

The Same for Gaza Strip; These nomenclatures are intentionally meant to be lack of the word Palestine and to describe a neighboring region or territory to 'Israel' which might replace the Grand and historic land Palestine which is the southern Part of the Levant.