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Servants of the House of Saud

Published on 09 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
From the Angry Arab Weblog,

Servants of the House of Saud

Servants of Saudi princes are under strict orders to promote normalization with Israel in the media of Saudi princes (this one is the mouthpiece of Prince Salman):
"To add further salt to the wound, consider what the spokesman of the Israeli ministry of defense says on Twitter. You would be amazed to know that he is a thirty-year-old man who speaks Arabic fluently, posting tweets and news on the Israeli army. During every Islamic religious occasion, he tweets the Israeli army's congratulations to Muslims and says “may you have a happy Eid, may your fast be accepted and may your pilgrimage be blessed”. By the very nature of the medium, the Israeli spokesman is not addressing Israel's Arabs or the Palestinians only, but rather he is addressing all the Arabs on Twitter. He is provoking them through calm dialogue and even if they react with outrage and unleash a torrent of swearwords and insults, he continues with his endeavor. He is not keeping pace with them, rather he is targeting their cultural depth." (thanks John)

PS This article yet again confirms my theory: all Arab promoters of normalization with Israel--as small as their number is and despite that this person denies that she is a promoter--are for some reason--good reason--rather dumb.  That really pleases me.  Can you name one smart person in that small bunch?  I mean, the Egyptian clown, `Ali Salem, who writes in Prince Salman's mouthpiece, Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat?

PPS Much of what is written in the media of Saudi princes in London is directed at the White Man in the West just as Aljazeera English was created by House of Thani in Qatar to please the White Man in DC.